34443Levées de terre

Le pays oblique

Images of the exhibition Le pays oblique at the Maison de la culture Plateau Mont-Royal in Montreal and of the paintings presented.


Click here to view the (French) press release, with Frederik Dufour’s poetry included in the exhibition.


A translation of the second part of the press release:


My paintings suggest imaginary landscapes on the verge of abstraction, exploring the bonds that can exist between nature and our inner life.


I like to refer to the Chinese maxim « Neither to Stray nor to Follow » as a landmark for my work. It means to hold oneself in a position of non-attachment and non-abandonnment ; in our relationship to others, to the material world, to forms… without ever straying from the evocation of our fundamental link to nature, I use it as a vehicle for the exploration of the pictorial language.


In my recent work, I attempt to find balance between spontaneity and organisation, to bring life to fragile and discreet elements, to make visible a simultaneous sensation of presence and distance, of fragility, receptivity, aspiration, intimity, lack… Through a certain persistence of subtle tones, I strive to give body to what I like to call « the strength of softness ».